Hiking~! W00t

Never, never hike with your battle shoes (as in shoes that u wear out to "kill" gals). Especially after a rainy day or you risk your white and shiny shoes turning mud brown. Even the strongest detergent can't help you on that.

Well, at least i had a good time. It's been ages since i had a good exercise, i do not even have a decent sport shoe and that's why i had to resort to my battle shoes, and having the sweat pouring out again, well, its enjoying.

Not to mention spending some extra time together with my beloved monkey, LOL and if you guys have the time, try hiking at Kledang Hill, it's FUN.

Here are some pics:

The couple photo after the ascent

Ipoh View

Ipoh View

Group Photo!

There should be smoke coming from the back of they 2, but my camera wasn't good enough.

Hey, it's Mr. Millipede!

Look at the steps! *Pants*

Other pics whom i do not know how to name


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