" The Giant Is Down!! " as said by Mrs Yee

Finally the dreaded STPM is over!
Too bad i have just another 3 months of enjoying and not to mention working before beginning another phase of life which is life after school.

Cannot really believe that i'm more and more closer to the adulthood world.
Sigh i am really gonna miss life in uniform and like Peter Pan, i do hate growing up.
My IC may state that i'm already 19 years old in year 2009, but deep inside my heart and also in my brain, i'm just really a small little shy, cute and playful kid.
Okay, maybe not cute but nevertheless, i'm still a kid inside.

Besides, i still do not really know what may lie ahead of me.
The future sure seem dark and uncertain from my point of view now. It is so different from life as i know as a student.
All i ever do is wake up, eat, go school, come home, eat, tuition maybe, sleep and then resume the whole cycle again for years. The path seems so well laid and planned that i do not have to bother about planning about anything.

Second thing to worry about is money.
In school life, money just drop into the pocket from your parents. When you are an adult, there's no such thing as money from parents anymore. Sigh.

Well, no matter how much i whine, time will not turn back. Guess i have to start accepting the fact that i'm no kid no more. Sigh, i sure will miss my lollipops.


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