Christmas this year was different from all the previous Christmas that i celebrated all these years in a way that, well, i'm more independent because i can finally drive!

The celebration in my church was kinda dull this year, maybe because i did not participate in anything thanks to STPM or maybe because after so many years, celebration seem kinda normal now.

Nevertheless, i also had a good time this year as i can celebrate it with people i care, doing things that we like.
I went to church on Christmas Eve night, then went out with Jia Yee and bumped into Yee Kheng and who else, Jocelyn!

Christmas morning was dull, and went McD for a good ol' Christmas Lunch.

Went to Mixed Cuisine at night and made a fool out of ourselves at Padang where we played a game which includes lots of running and screaming.
There were a lot of people staring at us wondering if we're a bunch of kids that escaped from Hospital Bahagia for a holiday too.

Enough said, i'll let the pictures do the talking.

The girl in the red shirt is the "dead chicken" (translate into cantonese please)

The spectators

The players

Getting drunk at Padang Ipoh

The fries i had for Christmas lunch

Whoops, look who's caught listening to phone during Christmas morning service

Jia Yee and the bear i gave her on 12.00am, Christmas day

Nope, that is not my son

Guess who is he talking to??

With Kah Nyan, Yee Kheng and etc outside of Miners Arm

No matter where we go, a photo is a must (taken in Miners Arm)

With her after Christmas Eve celebration in church


Even Santa dropped by!

I love the ponytail

Caught cam-whoring

Me, David, Kah Chun

How i wish....

Me and the bass!

Artitistic touch to the book

Praying before the whole thing starts


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