Back from Penang!

Just returned from the 53rd Chinese Diocesan Youth Camp yesterday and though it did not ignite much fire or make any significant change in myself, i still learned many things theoretically.
It was held in YMCA Penang this year but i was forced to sleep someplace else eventually, 800 meters far to be exact, due to the insufficient space at YMCA and as a result i missed out the all the fun that can happen at night and no, not those kind of fun ok?

One of the most memorable things of this camp is certainly the sessions. Yeah, when you can't go and court girls and get yourself noticed too much, you have to settle for the sessions.

I'm just joking, of course. This is my fifth time going to this camp and this sessions is entirely different. Different in a way that this session usually costs USD 1000 per person outside and for the first time in so many years, i manage to stay awake during the session which lasted 7 hours straight. And the only thing we ate was just 2 pieces of Gardenia bread.

Well, time to summarize what i have experienced and learned there.


1. True Love
Yeap, you read it right. I think the most valuable lesson that i learned is true love. Not those kind of boy-girl love that you may have in your mind.
It's a kind of love called the agape love. The love that Jesus said where you must love even your enemies.

Many of us may have known this theoretically already, but not many of us understand and even experienced it before.
To put it simple, the speaker had us playing this odd game where by the end of it, we were hugging each other and yes, boy-girl included.

The strange thing that when we hugged, its not the bad thoughts that come to your mind (i hugged with boys too okay!) but in fact its really a soothing and nice warm feeling.
He shared many touching stories throughout the game, and i realised that deep down inside, well everyone wants to be loved and love each other back.

In the end of the game, he challenged us to go back not to hug everyone in return, but to share the love with everyone else because well, everyone knows, love transcends all boundaries and after having experienced it, we got to understand it better.


2. The CENTER of your life

Another thing the speaker made me realised is that life is really stressed and harder to live if you're living it for yourself.
Many people may think that life is lived out for ourselves and as long as ourselves are happy and satisfied, nothing else matters.

Well, he challenged us to let Jesus be in charge of everything in our life and yes, that means that your phone isn't yours, your house isn't yours, everything isn't yours but Jesus.
Yeah, i now that this is something that is hard to digest considering our culture today where everything is about ourselves but the speaker gave a very perfect example.

Take your phone for example, if you own your phone (imagine the phone costing RM3000) and if you dropped it into the toilet bowl, imagine the pain your would feel. Piercing, isn't it?
But lets say the phone isn't yours but your friends, sure the pain of dropping the phone into toilet bowl is less intense right?

The same applies. When Jesus is in charge of everything of your life, well, living is much easier as someone is already taking care of everything and that includes your future, your wife, your finances and well, technically your life too.


That's roughly the few important lessons that i have learned.

The session also made me understand myself better by introducing the BEST technique which i'm pretty lazy to explain here because i'm afraid you'll be asleep by the time i finish.
Besides that, we also underwent an activity where all we can do is to just sit and listen to each other's heart felt feelings and tears were poured all around too.

Thats about all i guess, like i said, i'm too lazy to explain. I will be uploading some pictures from the camp as soon as the freaking phone cable starts to work. See ya all next time.


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