STPM, torture T.T

Life is boring without internet.
Or maybe it is because i'm suffering from internet addiction.

Either way, the organizers of the STPM exam did a really good job at boring me until i just want to drop dead.
Four subjects in one month time and i can't online, can't watch TV and the only thing i can do besides study is to eat and sleep.

Yeah, i know that many of you will rejoice at the long time span because there is lot of time for studying and i agree to that also.

The problem with me is that i do not know where to start the revision. I just can't understand how some people can sit at one spot reading the same book for hours on a row.
My brain starts to shut down if i spend too long on something.

Sigh i just wish to end this STPM in 1 shot. To be honest, i do not care about the results or my performance right now.
That is something to be worried about next year, not now.
Luckily today i have some freedom to update my blog. Thank God.


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