Final Week!

2 more days to go and it's time to say hi to adulthood. STPM would be finished and guess it is time to seriously think about my future which i did not put much consideration into it since a long time ago.

The sad thing is that i do not have the faintest idea of where should i go and what should i do. I know, most of you would say going University would be the best option. Problem is, going to University will have to depend mostly on your results which i do not have much faith in getting a nice one.

Heck, i even spent time doing things other than studying during the long period of waiting for the stupid exam. LOL, yeah, i'm not gonna whine anymore, just that the four weeks for four subjects exam is really getting on my nerves. Thank God it's almost finishing.

And i plan to look for job after the exams of course as my pocket is really drying up. So if you have any jobs that need a handsome guy like me with good pay, do tell me.

By the way, i made a video during the 3 days camp that i helped in KidsGames (proof that i'm not studying enough) and would not want to waste it so i shared it here for you guys to see. Do give comments oh ^^


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