When The Dedications Come Rolling out..

The Good: Those who directly criticize you in a nice way, and when you don't listen, goes for a rather nasty way

The bad: Those who do not directly criticize you directly but rather choose do do it behind your back

The Ugly: Those who say good things in front of you just so that they look good, but they still criticize you behind your back

The stupid: YOU, who do not know there is a really serious problem with you when everyone you know falls into these 3 categories.

Okay, i'm not gonna say that i'm the the guy who fall into the good category because i seldom have the courage to speak out directly at other people, especially to those annoying people that you feel you want to slap so much as i'm scared that they will slap me back.

Reading dedications can be an amusing experience indeed when you're up to the latest gossips or if you are the gossip itself as you can see the different kinds o
f people out there.

I'm not trying to flame or criticize anyone here, i'm not a good guy, like i said, i just want to voice out my opinion (it's my blog, anyway XD).

Don't you think it's strange sometimes, people can spend LOTS of time poking others in the back but when it comes to dedication, suddenly all you have for your arch enemy are just praises and good words. Somehow all the insults just seems to vanish into thin air.

Nah, don't start throwing shoes or anything into my way as i'm not mentioning anyone in particular, i'm just saying in general. For all of you prefects out there who happen to have a newsletter, open up to the dedications page and you'll know what i mean.
"Siapa yang makan cili, dia yang rasa pedas."

There are just a few possibilities that i can manage to think of when something like this happen, either:
  1. You want to look nice to other people, why want to spoil your image?
  2. You do not want to hurt the other party, what for? After that person go cry here and there.
  3. Playing reverse psychology? Make your enemy feel safe while you plot for his detruction?

I, for one can't seem to say good things to a person if that fella really annoys and steps on my tail. Who can smile in front of someone that when you talk to them can feel the waves of "fakeness" oozing out of them?
Definitely not me. The most that i can to is just to smile a little and then try not to say soemthing insulting like:
"Can you please just shut your F***-ing mouth!"

Just to be polite, if you understand.

So when it comes to dedication, i'll choose not to write than write when it comes to someone whom i do not really know (
i won't pretend to know all of the people in the prefectorial board)
or whom i really have nothing to write about or in some special case (you'll know what special case i'm meaning if you're my close friend)
or those whom understands how i feel for you already, my close friends that is, (
Said, for example, i have to give example, cause he's been complaining to me) and of course my dear lou po, Jia Yee.

So imagine my suprise when i saw Wei Sheng's dedication to Aaron Oo. Okay to be honest here, nobody really adores Aaron Oo in particular - sorry to say that bro - but there are not many to have the courage to really step out and to say something completely honest. (Okay, i have no examples to use so i have no choice but to use you, Aaron Oo.)

We either choose to say it indirectly, do not say anything at all or just try our best to say something polite.

So this post is especially to salute Wei Sheng for his bravery and point blank honesty. Not many can do what he have done.

If you're reading this Aaron, i guess now you will partially know why i choose to ignore you most of the time already.
And when is a more suitable time than now.

I know i'm not perfect too, i have my own weaknesses and flaws, but as a friend this is my advice la.
Try to think more often from other people's shoes.
And this is not only my point of view, and i know it will hurt much, when does the truth does not hurt?

Time for a overview maybe?


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