I suck at remembering dates. And this can be especially a nuisance especially when the clock strikes 12 signaling the start of your birthday, when the SMS-es start pouring in wishing you Happy Birthday.

No, do not get me wrong, it is not that i hate people wishing me, of course i am dead happy that all of you remembered my birthday. It's just that the ability of you guys remembering my birthday that makes me feel guilty whenever there's a greeting.

You see, i can hardly remember any dates or birthdays of most my friend for that matter.
"People remember your birthday you can't remember theirs?" some of you might ask.
Yes, yes i know. I also want to remember all of my friends birthday but the only birthday that i can seem to remember are those which are in the same month as me or those which are easy to remember such as July 7 (7/7) or those which coincides with any public holidays in Malaysia.

Don't blame me, even after being reminded for God knows how many times after how many years, i still have trouble remembering my buddy's birthday even though i have known him since they day i know how to talk.

It's not my fault really, blame it on the male genes.

So i would really like to thank all of my friends out there who took the trouble of remembering my birthday and those who wished me and those who helped me celebrated. I know it is not easy to remember birthdays because i can hardly remember any.

Oh, and by the way, because i suck at remembering birthday, i would appreciate you knocking in your birthday date into my head cause in really need all the help i could get. Thanks!

So, now unto the events that took place during the last two days.

Yee Kheng, Ginn Yi, Ting Jiun, Jia Yee, Jocelyn, Kah Nyan and Alexander (did i leave out anyone?) helped me to celebrate in school. Thanks for all the trouble guys. You have the permission to knock all of your birthday into my head everyday to make me remember, just don't use a hammer though ^^

Besides that, my church youth members also celebrated for me, my family and also my beloved Jia Yee.

Here are some pictures:
3 Buddy At Church

3 Couple Photo at The Bridge near Moon River Cafe

TOTAL CAKE COUNT 2008: 4 (Family, School Friends, outh, Jia Yee =.= )


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