Exams.. exams.. sigh

STPM trials just finished today and guess what am i feeling now?
Not nervous because the STPM is getting ever nearer nor disappointed as i have not performed as well to i have expected myself to be.

And as soon as i have finished the sentence, i know already that some of you might be screaming behind there saying,
"What, you still say you have not performed well? look at me, i almost failed everything! You get so good results still want to say you performed not well?? ",
those type of things. Well, you get the idea.

I just could not understand why there is a culture of competing to see how many subjects we can fail in one exam. Seems like the more subjects you can fail, the more glory you will get.

"Aiyah, you fail one only ah? I fail 10 oh!!" is the typical reaction you can see often when results come out. No offense please, but being humble and being fake is 2 entirely different thing.

Yeah, yeah, some of you would blast me back to say that i'm different because i'm smart and could not understand the feelings of people who fail.

I'm not boasting or anything, but whenever there is an exam, most people that i know will go like,
"Wah, Cher Hong, all As again lah? Not like me, fail this and that."
No offense again, but seriously, what it has to do with you failing and me getting As (That is of course, if i am able to get any but i doubt it because the trials is just hard! Especially Maths Paper 1 T.T) and i could not just understand what agenda you may have by saying so to me.

To me, exam is personal. It's a test for us to see how far have we go and what is our standard. And if the results are good, i'm happy because i know all my hard workd has paid off but if it is bad, who have i to blame but myself if i have not put in sufficient work to ace that exam? The guy next to me who is smarter? Course not!
Well, unless you're happy with failing the most papers.


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