Finland, why not?

I should be studying instead of sitting here updating my blog but heck, how many people could really glue themselves to the chair unless they really used the Super BB glue, literally.
Willpower is something that i lack, especially when it comes to studying.
It is hard even to keep my eyes open when i have to face with the never ending line of words or formulas that people called as chemistry, maths and PA.

I know STPM is just around the corner but it seems that whenever i want to seriously sit down and study, i can always find simple excuses to escape and thus avoid the dread and terror of having to crack my brains or to fight the urge to close my eyes due to the lack of willpower.

Sigh, why Malaysian education system just can't take Finland's for example?

In Finland, i heard that students were allowed to go on their own pace and to explore their interests through their education system.
The education system there are also not too exam oriented, where coursework all around the year carry more marks compared to the single shit, ops, i mean sheet, of paper that you get 3 months after sitting through the grueling experience of having your brain and hands breaking down due to overwork.

Finland sure sound nice, at least maybe there i'll get to be the next child genius. Too late i'm too old anyway.


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