Arghhh! Frustrated...

I reacted as if it was nothing when my friend told me the news. But there was a part of me that felt the kind of sadness that my friend was experiencing at that time. The part of me that likes to lament on how suck-y life is nowadays.

You couldn't blame me for that because how often you have come to face a close person (friend's brother is considered quite close for me) that have to face a probability of hanging because of smuggling drugs?

To be honest, i am angry. I am angry because you can't really put the blame on anyone for this incident happening. Sure, maybe they are some people that are directly responsible for what happened but could we entirely blame a person just for this incident happening?
As much as we want to point fingers when things like this happen, we can't. Everyone played a part be it his family, friends and the environment he grew in.

As i am writing this, his family are eagerly praying for a miracle and a second chance but deep down inside, we all know that once you have been caught smuggling drugs in Malaysia, you're done for (PA lesson from Mr K).

This pretty adds up to my frustration that have been building up the past few days. Who can we really blame?
I think the answer would be how our society and human brain is wired today.

To tell you the truth, i've given up hope on this world a long time ago, not the world maybe, but rather the people and the Devil who pretty much put the world in a pretty screwed up stage.

I'm sure that anywhere you go, you can constantly see desperadoes constantly trying to climb up the invisible ladder or hierarchy in society to outdo each other and to prove who's better in life.
The theory that says everyone is equal is total bullshit as far as humans are concerned.

Just try to look around you, how many people that actually treats all of the people they know as equal if not greater? If given the chance, all of us would want to be the best, first in everything.
Just ask yourself, if given a chance, would you want people to look up to you in awe or to just ignore you? I'm sure you would definitely choose the first answer.

Sigh, maybe this is what is pissing me off so much.
To constantly see the actors and actresses performing their show just to gain the temporary approval from their fellow humans. How far would they go to perfect their act, ad all the actions they would take - knowing it is wrong - just to enjoy the temporary satisfaction.

I'm just too tired of these shows. It just makes you want to throw up just looking at it.



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