Back from GeNTiNG~!!

Just came back from Genting yesterday amid the "anti-Genting Mustache Movement (aG2M)" led by Mr. K or Mr V, just can differentiate them since they came from the same league of people and well, it has been a worthwhile trip though i may get my ass kicked for the rest of my time in school for leading the rebel group against the aG2M.

That aside, i think there's not much regret in me for joining this trip. Well, i may miss out a few lessons, IMPORTANT ones you may say, but i think after STPM, it would be not as easy to go to places like this anymore with my bunch of friends.
Like i say, it's not the place we go that counts, it is whom we are going with. Seriously, if you were to choose, i bet you rather go to school and meet your friends rather than going on a space trip with, lets say, Mr K

I'm just pretty darned surprised by the actions aG2M took just to make sure that we do not reach Genting.
I mean, calling our parents secretly to spread lies and rumours about the trip and ourselves? That's pretty low, i can say.

It makes me wonder about their motives too actually. Wanting us to have a better future by going to study is definitely out of the window. If i'm a teacher, i would just advice the students rather than form an underground society to create trouble.
These lowly actions can only be done by people who hates us which bring us to the question, What made them hates us so much?
I guess being handsome does have its side effects.

Enough of the bad things already. Wanna share with you all some of the pictures that we took during our trip. It's very little by the way due to the fact we are "studying" (get it? it's a study trip ^^) most of the time rather than camera whoring.

Glow in the dark gemstone!!

Ducks XD

Waiting for the 4D movie to start..

Sg Rejang Flume Ride

That suit cost me 1000 bucks T.T


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