The ULTIMATE question answered~!

There have been one big question puzzling humanity for many years now. It has left many people dumbfounded and in the process caused much confusion among teenagers across generations.

Why the good guys always lose out to the bad and naughty guys in the game of love?

Scientists have been unabled to come out with a solid explanation as you know, women are just one feaking hard creature to understand. Okay, i made that part up but have you guys ever wonder why the good guys just have to suffer the fate of losing their gals to someone who is just worthy of cleaning toilets in the future not once, not twice but countless times.

Ahem according to one recent research that i have done, i finally found the answer. Okay, maybe the sole credit its not mine but i'm also responsible for copying and publishing the findings here!

So, lets enter the main topic after so much of blabberings.

To put it simple, the good guys (lets call them GGs) always lose to the bad guys (BGs for that) because, well, GGs are just equivalent to wood most of the time when it comes to the matter of LOVE and BGs have the upper hand by having more experiences than GGs.

Besides that, having little brains to work with, BGs genrally do not consider much when it comes to chasing gals as compared to GGs. For GGs, gals with boyfriend they don't chase, if they do not have the money or the capability they won't chase, those who live too far part they won't chase, gals who would not be good in the long run they also do not chase ad there's a whole lot more reasons.

And BGs at first have little face to start with. They are more brave, cunning and has more tricks up their sleeves as compared to the GGs. This in turn will have a major impact on gals as there is a constant new tricks to woo the gals while GGs are often compared to a plank for their dull ideas.

When a GG does not have money for example, he will just say he does not have money to the gal. As for the BGs, whoa, their grandmother died, their dog died, they want to help the family and all kinds of other reasons pop out just to cover up their lies.

What more? Gals usually find themselves in a lot of arguments with the GG as they pour their heart out in a relation and that's why they can easily get hurt. BGs on the other feet, do not care very much as they are onli putting up a show so why care so much?

BGs also tend to use alcohol, drugs and sex to excite a girl's feelings ad thats why girls like to cling ti them as BGs get their adrenaline pumping. For GGs, well, don't even think about drugs, alcohol and sex. For them it's a sin just to touch a little bit alcohol. Well, shandy is exempted of course.

All is not lost for GGs fortunately. In the long run, relations with GGs tend to last way longer like the new Energizer as GGs are more truthful in a relation and honestly they do not know how to cheat. GGs are also more responsible as they are more "big guy thinking" - excuse the direct translation from cantonese - and therefore are more responsible and matured when it comes to the major decisions in love.

Bgs however, just to put it simple, a gal is just a product with an expiry date on it. When it reaches the date, bye bye!

So there goes my, ahem, someone's research. GGs or BGs? You think about it.


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