Prefects bodoh...?

Prefects or better known as pengawas, can be pretty much summarized as objects of scorn throughout schools around the earth. They are viewed as the party spoilers, wannabe police officers, not to mention dogs and other colourful adjectives associated with things that, well, are not so appropriate to be used on a human.

I'm also a normal student once and i know why prefects are one of the groups of people that students generally hate in school. They catch you for a whole bunch of unreasonable reasons and always land you in all sorts of trouble because of the reasons they catch you for. Besides that, prefects are also viewed as people with thick round glasses, nerds, geeks etc etc and polish teachers' shoes for their free time.

Well, that was last time and now i, myself is one of the so called nerd prefects that i once use to dislike. Yeah, i know that students hate me too for who am i in the school but what do i care? Well, at least until a few days ago..

There i was one day walking with a fellow prefect colleague at a shopping mall called parade one day with my school uniform, with the tie off that's for sure, i'm not that "semangat", wanting to buy girfts for our friend until we came across a group of form 4 students whom by the general view is deemed "cool" and "happening" those kind of people.

What's the big deal, you ask? It's no big deal actually until one of them say "SMI prefects" in a tone that clearly translates to"Wah, prefects also come to shopping malls". Which makes me wonder, is the perception of prefects of today that bad until prefects going out shopping as a group can also be considered as a miracle?

I do not know, but i feel that someone should stand to clarify about the "police officers" that you all hate so much in school.

First thing first. Prefects are not nerds/geeks/ah piaos (but i would not deny that SMI prefectorial board got 1) and other words you can think of for people with thick glasses and center parting hair. We know how to chill too, without getting all red for our report cards. Who says prefect do not shop, ta kei, go mamaking like the rest of Malaysian students? Please understand that there's a big difference between us and those who are really studiers.

Second. We are not teacher's shoe polishers. We got teachers we like and teachers we hate too. Come on, whoever can like a teacher that just know how to hypnotize you?

Third. You think we like our job? If it was up to me i rather do not give a damn about how you comb ur hair to resemble the durian. That's your business but a job is a job. You cannot deny that without prefects, the school will be a whole lots of mess. Think about it, what can a few discipline teachers do when facing with hundreds of students?

Fourth. Who say prefects are a bunch of dull people? We can have fun, with brains. Take last year for example, SMI students, remember the Michaelian Cyber Games? We could play CS and DOTA until our eyes go blinking without having to pay even a cent.

There are other benefits too from joining prefects, especially SMi prefectorial board.

This is from my personal experience la of course.

In prefects, we are taught:-

*how to be confident in front of students and how to control your knees from shaking when catching those students who commint offences.

*how to build up your patience and not to throw a fist a all of the students who insult you. i say, after being a prefect, you do not feel so much hurt already when people throw all kind of insults at you because you're already used to it.

*how to enjoy special privileges given to prefects and this privilege you will only get to know when you're a prefect as ahem, it's confidential

*to be disciplined, which is very important once you leave the school

Well besides that, other benefits we get include a better and more colourful school certificate and believe it or not, we get to enjoy school life more! Through camps and outings, our band of brothers, and sisters too for sure, learn to grow together as a team and as a family to help to make our school a better place, sometime even with some rules that we ourselves do not understand.

But whatever the circumstances, i can be sure that the one thing that i will not regret in SMI is joining the prefects no matter what you all might think. Joining prefects does not only helped me to be a better person and i truly enjoy the experience of being a prefect, well of course not including someone with horns carrying the pitchfork who always manages who cut the steam.


  1. amen!!! i know hu la haha...
    well in my opinion..i think that what cher hong say is right....
    we prefect are same like other people also, what makes us different from other students are we are like police officers in the school...
    although many ppl hate this job.. but all i can say is someone's gotta take up this resposabilitty to make the school a btter place for other student... and prevent stupid kokoi's from destroying the school image...
    so for me... i am pround of hu i am now... from a gangster ... i became a prefect... means u all know how good prefects are actually till i am willing to give up those cool and ying life they so claim they self la....
    well i am proud of hu i am now... and one the thing i am proud is to become a prefect so that i can proove to others how much i've resolve and chg ... and also giv impact to others to chg their life....
    well basicly i think being a prefect is nth wrong ... unless you commited bad things in skol or did some kokoi stuff ... tats y you hate prefects... coz u are sked tat we will catch u la XD...

  2. HA? OHHH!!!! Cher Hong like someone!!!! ohhhhh....siapa tu? kekekekekeke!!! Hmm...i dunno la...cannot guess...tell la man...

  3. Ting Jiun was a gangster?
    I din know.. LOLZ
    Being a prefect is nothing wrong
    however since we left, SMI prefect semakin BODOH...

    I went back to school and saw what I need to see of prefects.

    Happy studying, while I enjoy my 9 months holiday. LOLZ

  4. I was a prefect too... and SMI prefectorial board was one of the best place to learn, develop teamwork and leadership and also a place for clean and rowdy fun....

    I hope water baloons bombing tradition is still passed on. When i left during form6 farewell, we tried flour and eggs concoctions. Whicked SICK!!! lolx

    I never regret being one. Once a Michealian prefect, alwaz one!!!


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