Wow, it has been really 2 months since i last updated my humble blog here and to be honest, i am quite tired of updating it because well, hardly anyone reads it. So, my apologies to everyone who wanted to keep up with my blog because i think too much and likes to make inaccurate assumptions. So here am i, back and ready with a whole new perspective of life.

Two months, just how long is it? Quite long to have a major impact in your life that is. It would be foolish to say that life is still the same because every little happenings in life helps to shape you.

I could not remember much from the months of October aside from the year end examinations but the two camps that i attended in November and December has really left a lasting impression in me.


So first up is the Leadership Training Camp for the prefects, held towards the end of November.
I'm pretty sure that most of you would say that what benefits that you can get from a leadership training camp especially the prefects??

Sorry to disappoint you all but from my point of view, prefecting isn't that bad after all and in fact it rocks! Especially in SMI (my school) that is. Imagine, we can organize Michaelian Cyber Games (yes, dota + CS..), hang out together at outings, joke and we're more like a family more than like a bunch of police officers in school.

To start off, the 2 speakers at the camp rocks! Jalleh Martin and Eric (4got di..) were their name and they way they presented their point was absolutely fantastic! They really know how to get their point through without boring the heck out of us.

Martin for one, taught us on how to be ourselves, daring to be different. Through various activities, he made us realised that each and everyone of us is different and it is normal to voice out our opinions. Besides that, he also touch on the purpose of our lives, why are here on earth plus the issue of sexuality which including giving examples on those who choose to have boyfriend/girlfriend too early and ended up being disappointed. He made us feel that we're all special, on this world on a unique mission to live our lives to the fullest, being a life-giver.

Eric on the other hand, taught us about getting along with others. With his teaching, we learnt how to appreciate each other and to work together as a team and it is never wrong on affirming others when we have the chance.


Besdies LTC, i also went to DYC (Diocesan Youth Camp) and there too i learnt many things.

In DYC, i realised that in lives, we often live ourselves to be too arrogant, forgetting that us too have weaknesses. Like Jesus said, we often see the speck in people's eyes but not the log in ours.

No matter what we do, we musn't forget about the One who created us and to be humble at all time because no one is perfect.

Optimistism, responsibility and courage are the values we brought up in the camp, and with virtues we can go a far way in lives.

It had been a marvelous experience for me in both the camps and the blog posted here is not enough to share about all that happened. I would really love to share out the experiences i encountered with you all because it has been a life-changing experience.

Advice to you all out there, do not scared to be different and live out to the fullest, be a life-giver!


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