Why do i feel moody much of the time?

Why sometimes life seems so hopeless and then it can be so good at a blink of an eye?

I do not know but i do know certainly that this is not once what i have felt before when i was in lower form. Form six is definitely very very hard for me. The pressure to keep up with studies and the amount of effort needed to make sure that you will not slack is really taking a tool on me now.

I may have the best friends and a cheerful attitude in life but really, all this cannot match up to the stress that i feel on my shoulders. My chemistry teacher partly have something to do with this, scaring us with all those horror form six stories. LoL.

Well, its no wonder why many choose not to study and prefer fun and a life without meaning. Its much easier to be done than a life like mine. You have nothing to worry and life is always about fun, fun, fun.

Sometimes i envy them actually, their worries are all about where to have fun and with who only while people like us are wrrying about what are we gonna do to make this world a better place.

The grass is always greener on the other side, right?

But what the heck, since i have chosen this path i cannot be ignorant to the fact that life is not as simple as living for the reason of having fun and wreaking havoc only. i do not know, but people who always go clubbing in pubs, drinking certainly seem like this kind of people, so please if i'm wrong do tell me.

Guess all i have to do is not to worry too much then and just focus all the worries to just today. Maybe life would be much simpler that way. Humans just worry too much, don't they?

Besides, i got great friends, great family and an even greater GOD! What do i have to fear?


  1. Stress is motivation...
    you sure can hang on to it!!!
    coz i know you... and i know u can do it!!!
    don't worry have faith~~
    all the best

    -ting jiun-

  2. Stressed...when spelled backwards is 'desserts'

    so when u r stressed, have desserts instead! :)

    one thing cher hong, be strong...i'm right behind ur back! (even if u consider an entertainer...:P)


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