The Circle is Sometimes More Important Than The Dot

The one thing that i like about my church youth is that whenever there is a problem, we would all sit together and just tell out what's bothering us and the obstacles we are facing.

We had one of those session today because our youth has been going downhill pretty much for a long time already. Me, for instance, had been missing Saturday youth meetings for 4 weeks now. I had been using school as a reason for me to miss it, but in fact, i loathe going to the meetings.


I find that some people there are dang not themselves. They go there act mature, talk about God, advice you not to do this and that but they themselves in truth are not who they say they are. I know, i know, people like this can be found anywhere, but aren't church the place that you're supposed to be yourself?

It's supposed to be between you and God and not show for other people to see. What do you have to prove?

But church indeed is church. God does everything for a reason and today was a eye opening one.

But before that, a psychological test for you all to try.

Beside is a picture, what do you see?

The circle or the dot?

When we complained about the problems that exist among us in the youth, our leader just took one paper out and asked us.

He said that usually, humans tend to focus too much on the dot and fail to see the circle around it.

The same goes in life, we like to zoom in on others people's mistake, the minor details and fail to look at the bigger picture. He said that we have been caught in the small things and lost our direction, the true reason why we are in the youth. Not for friends, not for boyfriend or girlfriend but in fact is God.

Well, what i can say is that he stunned me. For all this long i thought that i was the mature one and what i was doing was plain correct. Turns out most of the time we are not we we think we are right?

He continued on to say that sometimes, as brothers and sisters, we can only advice, not interfere. If the those people do not want to listen to you, what can you do?
He said that we are not in church to be moral officers, but in fact we are not there because of anyone but God Himself. We just have to do what we are supposed to do and leave it all up to God.

How true!

I also found out that this can be applied to our daily life too. Be it relationships, school or other things, sometimes we just care too much about the detail until we fail to perform our duties correctly.

"Successful person do what they are suppossed to do,
while failures do what they like to do."

So guess i have to learn to do things this way already. Do not focus too much on the dots but try to take a look on the bigger picture. And that is what i have to do. Problems can be solved on the way, and sometimes, the goal is more important than some minor things.

What do you all think?


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