Getting my life straight again!

One lesson hit me straight in the face today and wow, was it painful.

I have always talked about having a focus in life, a purpose so our life would be more in perspective and we would not waste away our life.

But words are always easier said than done and i realised that me, myself did not live as what i have said and i have lost my focus in life, straying from my path.

Sine entering form 6, i have been losing my focus in life, not knowing what am i living for anymore.

The purpose and dreams in our life are what that guide us during our walk in life and the actions that we do everyday are affected by that goal, that purpose. Everything that we do, everything that we hope to achieve are to ahieve and accomplish our dreams and purpose in life.

Without it, our life is a mess and we would not know what are we doing in life. Everyday is just, everyday, with no meaning, no nothing.

This had been my life since i started form six, not knowing what am i living for anymore. Girls, money, fame or what i have always proclaimed but never done anything about it? God?

Luckily for me, the knock came in the form of my teacher today.
One question that he asked made me opened my eyes again.

"What do we all owe God?"

Everyone owes God, no matter who we are and as for me, i owe God everything. My life, my friends, who i am today. I've forgotten that having proclaimed that He is the focus in my life, that i'm living for Christ.

I've gotten sidetracked by the worldly and temporary things in life and its no wonder my life is getting messier everyday!


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