Ignorance is bliss

There is one proverb that i especially liked among the millions of proverbs in millions of languages around the world. It really do sum up what i feel about this world. Want to know what is it? The proverbs goes like this: Ignorance Is Bliss.

What does it mean actually?

To put it in layman's term, it is quite simple. It means life rocks - well, at least it's something like that - when you do not know something no matter what it is be it knowledge, morality or who is your friend's latest girlfriend.
Some of you might say, "How can this be? If we do not have any knowledge, wisdom, morality how far can we go in life? Human race would still be like apes right now if we choose to be ignorant of those?"

So what? As far as i'm concerned, knowledge hasn't brought us any forward in life compared to a few thousand years before. Life is still the same, wars, famine, poverty, aren't knowledge supposed to stop all that?

And even after a stepping into such a modern era, we could not still discern what is right and what is wrong in life. There are still so much immorality going on even though truth is often presented right at our face.

Why is ignorance such a bliss?

When you do not know that things are happening, you practically do not have to care about it thus making your life lesser with problems.

When you do not know what is wrong and what is right, you do not have to care about the actions you do. You can do anything in life because there is no wrong or right for you thus life would have no constriction.

When you do not know about the problems going around you, like people suffering in Africa, war going on in Iraq, your friend is killed in an accident etc etc, you do not have to burden yourself with unnecessary concern of helping all these people, and you would not be even helping them in the first place if you are ignorant to the fact that as humans we must help one another.

Not knowing about something makes life much more easier. We do not have to take responsiblity of certain things and we do not have to take into account the impact of each of our actions.

Too bad God did not make the world this way and too bad also that he choose not to make me an ignorant person.

There are a few types of people in this world which can be categorised intothe first to know, the second to know and the ignorant ones. Sad to say, i'm one of the first type.

When you have the knowledge of something, like what is wrong and what is right, a responsibility or in better words, a burden, is placed on you from that moment you gain an understanding into soemthing new.

Besides that, you cannot go on living the life you once had anymore. When yo get to know something, life isn't just the same anymore. Be it a secret, knowledge,insight, the way you view life is different. You cannot choose to be ignorant as last time.

Well, for example, last time you do not know that smoking damages your body so you smoked a lot. But when you get to know that smoking is wrong, how do you respond? Hard to make decision right? You want to stop because you know its wrong but at the same time, you're addicted to it. Stopping is not easy.

Or there's a friend of you whom you idolize and respect very much. He/she seems to be a very good and with a high moral person. But one day, you found out that this person who is your role model is actually someone who steals other people's belongings and like to sleep around with people. What do you do that time? Is it very hard to make a decision?

That is why i say ignorance is bliss. I choose not to know so many stuff in life because eventually it will pile up until it is so hard to make a decision.
Sometimes, you just find life a little to hard to move on.

But all is not only bad in this case, at least i know what am i doing in my life now and my life isn't full of lies and deception. And at least i know that the direction i'm heading in life now is a correct one although sometimes it do test me a lot.

And the most important one is at least i have God in my life. So, there's bad and good too in this situation, but you can't deny that ignorace is bliss sometimes.


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