The Event is Nothing. The Response is Everything

An article caught my attention in The
Star newspaper today. It was in the Heart and Soul section of the The Star Mag
with the title "Revelations On A Bus".

I do not know about you guys, and
gals of course, but as for me, i got a knack for reading articles like this. I
enjoy learning new things and seeing life from a different kind of view, how
others view life and how life in turn teaches them a few valuable

The Event is Nothing. The Response is Everything.

What is this? For your general knowledge, this is a very famous Taoist saying that appeared in the article today. It says that whatever event, be it sad or happy, that takes part in your life, is not important. What important is how you respond to it which makes all the difference.

As for me, like the usual me, i'll be focusing on sad events first as it is the sad events, those heart wrenching ones that usually renders us useless and throws us down to the bottom of the Earth.

Before that, you may wonder why there is so much hardship for us humans to brave through all along our life. Well, it seems that problems is a norm in this world we live in. As long as there is humans, war will keep on happening, fighting will keep on erupting, tears will be shed, dissapointments will keep on appearing and storms after storms will come.
Unthinkable, isn't it?
I can't start to understand the pain and anguish you may face, how depressed you may be when are so many scars on your heart but there is one thing i know. The response is everything.
What do you do when faced with such a big boulder that you cannot move? Ignore it, attempt to sweep it under the rug. Sorry to inform you but no matter how hard you try, you can't possibly ignore such a large boulder right?
Or you can choose to make use of the boulder. Use it to make your life better, say build a house with it?
You see, i learnt that what happens to us is not important. Everyone faces problems, be it with family, money, friends, career, studies and ah, the ever most important one, LOVE.
It is what we choose to make out of these events that will in turn change us into different kinds of person. Those who rise up from the ashes and become better person or those who always shy away from problems or those who are plain hated by everyone else.
So, the next time when you're faced with hardships, do not complain! Try to look at it from a different prespective. How you can make it to benefit you? What can you learn?
Just whining and complaining would not change anything at all and a better way is turn it into something productive. That is all that counts. Remember, what is important is how well you can cope with something that truly puts you to the limit. How to make yourself a better person.
So stay happy and cheerful plus positive when you got a problem!

Guess i have said all that i want to
say and everything i would have say now.

Concerning about my life, well, i
also will have to learn about what i wrote up there.Plus how not to affect others when i'm sad. 


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