Proud to be a NERD!

There's something really wrong with the world today. No, i'm not talking about the Iraq war, the Hollywood celebrities nor the reason why Malaysia stinks so much at football nowadays.
I'm talking about the people we shall address as teenagers.

You see, in the society i live, in fact, it's the same for the whole wide world i guess, there's a common perception of who can be considered cool or up-to-date among tenagers.
You see, there's unwritten rules about it.

For example,
- Hair with partings, not spiky or messy are uncool
- Swearing up a storm (which sometimes include the whole family) is so.. WOW!
- Studying (or being smart in that matter), YuCks!
- Tucking in your shirt = NERD
- Every sentence must start with a "Yo!"
- Being naughty, attractive!
- Breaking the RuLes is a must!
- Smoking, achohol, sex? Thats cool..

Naturally, this is what i can see among teenagers nowadays. That being naughty, breaking the rules, getting into troubles are considered a must to fit in or to be considered happening by others.
These are the people that usually gets the most attention, whom are admired by many although they do not have damn clue of what a truly meaningful life means.
To them, only themselves and having fun matters.

On the other hand, those who put studies or their future first rather than temporary self-satisfaction are often looked down and casted aside, being labelled as outdated and these are the people who nobody will notice.
Of course, when it comes to fun, sometimes these people do lose out to the first gang and they may not be as humorous too.

To be honest, i consider myself as the second type of person, those goodie-goodie type of guy whom you can always picture as one who wear spectacles and hair center-parting hair. Though i may have spectacles but my hair is not one of the nerdy types.

Well, being a nerd is kind of hard when you're being looked down all the time, unnoticed. Sometime you'll also start questioning the point of being what you are since the ones who are constantly getting attention are those whom you are trying so hard not to become.

Sometime, i just feel like giving into temptation, joining in those "cool" people but i know that it is not right, and being those kind of people is way out as i have my own priciples and as i ama Christian plus i know doing all these stuff really do not bring any meaning except self-satisfication which is very temporary only.

Sometime you just wonder if the Devil is behind the scenes.

Nevrtheless, i'm proud of being who i am although i may not be as poplular or sometimes viewed as a small boy who do not know anything.
But i rather be myself rather than trying to be whom i am not just to fit in.

Deep down, i know the reasons i am sticking on with what i believe in and i know what i am doing is the right path, though few would choose this road.
This post may offend some of you all but hey, its just my point of view.
It could be wrong, it could be right.


  1. two words i cn say luu..
    yealo..there's so many ppl out there who did lots of things juz to get others attention..
    juz b urself jao okie la!
    all da bez..


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