School Drama!

Drama ended with a bang yesterday and to tell the truth, i really enjoyed it to the max!

There is a common perception among teenagers nowadays that joining certain activity or event is no good, especially when that thing involves performing in front of many people.

When you want a teen to do something nowadays, they will usually say no and you practically have to pull, push or force them literally to help you do the task. Few would have the courage to stand up and take up the challenge.

Even if we do so, we would be branded as someone seeking attention, who is not cool, not in trend and well, a nerd or something like that.

But the truth is, for one, i found out that taking part in all these stuff is not a bad thing as how some would say it after all. For one, i did not ended up humiliating myself and nothing bad happened to me in the end.

In fact, i did not even have one ounce of regret as joining drama really gave me a lot of enjoyable experience. The staying back, eating out together and not to mention gaining a few wonderful friends in the way. Even the scolding looks funny now once you've already past the stage.

Too bad all these must come to an end already but like they say it, let it remain a memorable experience in the heart. I could never forget the laughs and the crazy laughs plus the reallly crazy laughs we all had during the drama duration.

I learn it is not the performance that counts, but really the process that i will remember the best.

Taking part in these activities can really help shape you into a better person and you can also learn and know a few new people along the way, not to mention a few pretty gals, that's what i have learnt.

So next time there's anything that needs participation, my hand would be the first to go up!

*~~* *~~* *~~* *~~*

On the other hand, life has been pretty good for me now, well after taking in the my last post which is so depressing.

What i want to say is you guys do not need to worry about me now, because everyone will feel down and think like that sometimes, that what's my friend told me. Maybe that's what you call mood swing.

And to save myself from anything like this from the future, i'm using my same motto back that i used before,


I just continue on with my life and enjoy it, no matter what is happening to other people, well, if they do not care to let me know for that case.

Wouldn't it be much better?


  1. first of all, great job on drama 2007. well done! [= it was good.

    and i have to agree with you that being involved in the school play is a very wonderful experience that i can never get back. the sounds of Miss Corrinne yelling at us and all, make-up time, rehearsals, etc. i'm missing them much. =) met many awesome people as well, i must say. miss my drama times.

    anyway, take care there.
    all the best in everything!

    p/s: i know you'd think it's weird that i'm commenting because i don' t really know you. but i think your blog is a good read. at least better than mine. HAHA =D


  2. last, get to read ya blogz.. nice play.. (^^) so missin the all the good times durin da play? anyway..take carez..choaz..

  3. gosh....your blog s so long la..laziness creeps in

  4. Had a great time to!!!!! Hermes.. btw great blog.. one of the best i've seen.. i see ur blog manage to attract sum fans.. haha.. okie see u in skul..


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