Moving on! And learning n learning n enjoying along the way!

It has been one week since my last "touching" post and i'm glad to say that life's been good so far for me.

Although some of the times the old feelings will creep back, at least i know now that it is not worth holding on to old memories when the other has already moved on, with someone else.

It's sad actually, realising that i'm just an option in her life, but all the while her feelings was with someone else, her first crush.

Suprisingly, i did not feel any hint of sadness when i came to know of this sad fact just a few days ago. Maybe it's because i have decided to move on, not to look back anymore and to supress all my feelings deep down. Heck, this is the only thing i'm good at, at least.

Went to Summer 8 Live Concert just now and wow, was it fun! Although got a little bit jealous when i saw other couples but at least i got hooked up with one gal for the whole event who is quite crazy and gotta thank her for spending the time with me, though she's not my girlfriend.
Thanks Rita!

That was my first experience in such a concert with such a big crowd and it was really an awesome experience. Too bad i had to skip my youth but nevertheless, i did not regret it. All the jumping, screaming and making a fool out of myself helped to to at least release some of the stress trapped inside me.
Plus i also found another way to enjoy myself besides all those usual activities. No wonder there's so many people who likes to go clubbing. Too bad they just do not know that the same can be done in church, with much more enthusiasm but too bad again that most church like mine do not do this.

Well besides that, i have also been learning many new lessons along the way in form 6. Lessons like responsibilities, leadership and much more.

One of the most important one is how not too judge people by their looks and attitude.
Although someone's attitude and character might stink, literally, it does not mean that we are given the authority to discriminate the person and to judge him/her.

If we do that, what makes us different from the person whom we are judging?
Well, if we do not like a person, i believe everything starts with communication, and talking with them nicely ought to do the trick but if they still remain like a cow, so what can we do?

I thought that i had knew everything but this lesson actually was taught to me by someone i least expected to, someone i deemed too low for these things. But yet again, life has proven me wrong. Funny isn't it, how things usually works out?

Well, i guess my rantings must stop here now, hope i will be a better person when i return. And thanks for your support!


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