Let this be a new start..

I returned to the place where it all started today, quite unpredictably.

Memories of that day came flooding back to me. How we walked, chatting romanticly, how it felt when i held her hand, how i smile looking at her and how i wished that she's really meant for me.

But sadly, often reality and fantasy have a huge difference.

I took a walk around that place, flashing back all the memories, looking back at one of my happiest day in life. I do not know whether to cry or to smile thinking back.

Funny isn't it, how things always turn out the opposite way we want it to be.
As much as i love her, the feelings that i have poured out, seemed to be pointless.

When she proposed the breakup, what more can i do beside to accept it?
I thought i can move on, forgetting that it ever happened, but turns out that i can't.
As much as i hate to admit it, i still love her deeply.

I asked whether she still have feelings for me just now, and her answer was no, what's left is just memories. Sad, isn't it?

Love can indeed be fleeting, temporary and a dream.

People will change, whether you like it or not and i think it is pointless to hold on any longer, it is the time to move on.
If she could ever read this, i want to say that although the time we share is short, it had meant everything to me and never will i forget it.

But i also know it's useless to keep on hoping for the impossible, so let this post be the last post about her, let the tears i shed today be the last for her and let tommorow be a new day for me to move on, with new hopes.

"Lord, thank you for giving me a chance to experience what is love. Thank you for teaching me that no love in this world can be compared to yours and that people do indeed change Lord.
Lord, although my heart is still in pieces, i trust that everything happens for a reason and if this is your will, i will gladly accept it, oh Lord.
In you i find comfort, in you i find hope.
Mend my heart, Lord, wipe my tears and lead me through this heartbreak Lord.
Thank you again for teaching me so many lessons through this experience and let me remain strong among all this storm Lord.
Thank you Lord,
in the name of Jesus i pray,


  1. Hey...
    be tough & be strong...
    u deserve a better 1..
    ppl changed heart so easily & it isnt within our expectation..
    let it go..let it be..
    ur life,u control it and not ppl control 4 u..
    let go all ur sadness by crying out and lock urself in d room..
    dun be sked to cry out..
    u nid to do so so tat u will feel better..
    Take it as puppy love and learn smth from it..
    let it be memories remain between u both..
    nobody can predict the future..
    we must go on wifd our own life pathway...
    life is hard & complicated..
    pray for God's help...HE sure will help you..HE will make you stronger & tough..
    Fall down once,need to learn how to climb up back...

  2. cher hong dont b so sad la...
    v will always support u...
    focus on ur study la..mayb u can find a better gal in ur future...haha..try 2 forget the things tat happened although it's hard 2 do so...take time..
    jia you la..as u said, God always b ur side..help u.. guide u...

  3. Dude, cheer up. I know it's sad when these things happen, but you just gotta let it go. I know it's hard, but the feelings you're feeling right now will fade in time. Give it some time and you'll be ok. Just wanna let you know, as your friend, I'm supporting you.


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