Life Is What We Want It To Be!

There is one really simple rule about life actually concerning about how life is.
That is Life Is What We Want It To Be.

We are all humans and that means we all will face all kinds of tests and trials everyday in our life. All of our life are stressful and full with obstacles, only those who belong to Hospital Bahagia (a well known institution for those nutty people) have a stress free life.
Nobody can run from getting hit by multiple storms in our life, that is for sure.
It is normal for us to face disappointment, for us to lose something or someone, for us to be looked down, for us to be alone, for us to be misunderstood at some point in our life.
All these are a part of life, helping to shape and mould us into becoming a better person, equipping ourselves to help others in life and to Christians, a better person to serve God.
So do not fret or worry when there's a major breakdown in your life, it is normal.
What sets us all apart are not what kind of problems we're facing, but indeed how we choose to deal and solve the trials in our life, the attitude we use.
Do we choose to run? Or to stand in spite of everything?
Do we adopt a negative thinking? One with low self esteem? Or do we choose to remain positive, trusting God for his wisdom, not bowing down to pressure? Keeping a smile no matter what?
The way we choose to deal with pressure affects how things will turn out eventually.
As for me, i'm the person who takes the choice of being positive, viewing every test in life as something good.
Although some might tear me apart, i choose to believe, to believe that there's a positive outcome from the problem.
I search for lessons among the disappointment or sadness in my life and adaopting a thankful attitude, thankful for a chance to see how good i can fare in life.
Instead of moping around, questioning God, i move on. Yes, some might might be hurting but nothing can be gained by just wasting tears on something that cannot be changed. Mourn, and move on. Take the experience as a sweet dream, a dream that once we wake up from, cannot be returned to.
That is how i deal with problems thrown at me in life and i assure you, keeping a positive attitude, keeping cheerful and optimistic can really help to minimise and even eliminate the impact done from trials in life. Besides that, it is also advisable to get some hope from above. It really can help. Believe me.
If we are optimistic and positive in life, of course our life would be filled with more joy and smiles.
But if we are negative and pessimistic, sure our life would be all time low every time. Think about it.
Life is what we want it to be!!!


  1. Perhaps u r right but 4me, everything in my real life seems out of control sumtimes..who dunno that v shud think positive when facing challenges or else, but r v able to do so? we want so we can? i dun think so sumtimes..mayb thats wat i shud learn frm now on..

  2. haha 1st comment!
    hmm true..
    but from my experience..
    its really do helps..
    like i say,
    although da hurt seems big sumtimes, but we must try..


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