Life could just get so tough sometimes

One thing i'm definitely certain about life is that it is never short of trials and obstacles to overcome.
Like they say, life is something like a test, and everywhere you turn there's a nother storm for you to brave, another mountain to climb.

This had been particularly true for me. In fact, too true.

Since the day i started form 6, life had been an uphill climb all the way.

Let me see, there's the gangster problem, the top 5 prefects problem, my jie's problem and now, sigh, more BIG problems.

Well, i learned that God is indeed very funny at doing things.
It is as if that with every trials i need to face, He's telling me,
"Hey what about that? You thought things would have gone this way but nope, i think things should be better done like this."
Learned that often, we mistaken our desires for God's will, and ended up expecting for things to happen the way it should not be at the first place.

Just recently, the biggest problem, for now, finally fell on my head. And wow, it was painful.
You see, there was this girl that i really love so much in the sense that i wanted to share my life with her but i really did not harbour any hope of winning her heart as she is popular, pretty and did not fall for guys easily.
The good girl type or some sort like that.

To my amazement, she too has feeling like that and we, hmm can be counted as started the relation already. Too bad that 1 week, 1 WEEK into the relation, she bailed out.

As much as the pain hurts me, i really can't do anything more except to accept it.
At least this relation taught me a lot of lessons in spite of all the pain.
Among the pieces of my heart i learnt to understand those who are in love, learnt that life often do not turns out the way we wnat to and learnt that true love is indeed hard to find.

To add the the tough problems i am already facing, just yesterday i heard from trusted friends that one of my so called best friend backstabbed me.

At first, i choosed not to believe but as more and more i asked, there's no doubt that person really had done that action.
Well, what can i do?

It is a sad fact that backstabbers exist in this world. Pretending to be caring in front of you but as soon as you turn your back, they are smiling gleefully over the mistakes and problems you have to face.

No wonder i could not stop sneezing these few days.

Sigh, one thing i'm certain is true friend is really hard to find. There are backstabbers and there are hypocrites.
But like one my my friend put it, these people are only jealous of you and thats why they want to bring you down.
Except if you really got face problems then thats a different story.

Well, guess i have to be wary of this so called best friend next time. Even now, many people are also against this person's backstabbing attitude already.

At least that's a good thing because it shows that i'm not haveing face problems.

Sigh i gotta take my leave now, hope when next time i'm writing another post, life would have taken the turn to be better.


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