Are we who we really think we are in life?

Have you ever ponder the fact that most of the time who we think we are in life and the person whom we really are in life are way different?

Hard as it seems but this is the truth in life.
The same goes for me.

I often think that i'm already very successful in life, having a sense of maturity i can say is somewhat better than my peers, having the ability to withstand most of the problems in life and the list goes on.
But in fact, reality often does not bode with our dreams.

I recently found that i'm not such a great person as i think i am after all. Well, one of the reasons is i often could not live up to the expectations i ask others to.
For example, advising people to do this and that during tough times when i myself could not do it.

I'm sure most of us face the same problem too.

We often put ourself in a place that is too high for us, viewing ourself in a grand light, thinking that we are the greatest without thinking how people would actually view us.

Even if there is any kind soul to point out this kind of problems to us, we would often chase it away, thinking that these people do not understand us or using the lame excuse,
"Hey, i'm born this way, this is who i am and if you don't like me, you can go away."

What can i say?
Humans are in fact creatures who dislike criticisms.

Some of you might argue that we are indeed special and our life is in our control and we must stand up for being who we are.
I agree, but think deeper, if it is bad characteristics or bad habits we are talking here, isn't it worth changing?
I mean, isn't it good to kick away some bad habits or bad attitude in our life so that we do not annoy our friends too much?

Come on, who in the world really likes a friend often shows off in front of you, using bad words and thinks that he/she is the greatest plus he/she do not bother to change because he/she says that it is their characteristics and attitude, they are born like that.

So the next time a someone criticise us in life, be thankful because they care enough to ask us to change.
And sit back and analyze what they say.
Is there really a gap between who we really are and who we think we are?

If there is, it can never do much harm if we were to make some adjustments in our attitude and behaviour.
Remember, no one is perfect but that does not give us a reason to be a rotten person.

I'm sure all of us wants to be a nice person in our life, a one that people like at least.
And it does not hurt to ask around to find out how others really thinks about us in life, and making a few changes if necessary.

Like Jesus said,
Do unto others what you want others to do unto yourself.


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