What's new in life?

Many things that had taken place this week and each of them has equal importance in my heart.

Frankly i spent a lot of time thinking of what to write in this time's post because if write write bout everything that has happened, i thnik all of you will fall asleep halfway into it.

Enough of the boring intro anyway, time into the real stuff.

One oh the things that had taken place is bout my jie anyway like i have wrote in my last post.

Unknown to me, she had also found a boyfriend too, a kind which is more to the gangster type. This is not an issue anyway because it's her life, her choice although i may not like it. The more i try to care, the worse, so just leave it to it.

But what hurts it that the fact that she said she wants to focus on studies first and not BGRs plus she plans to keep it a secret from me forever.

What more can i say? I learned that no matter how close a person is to you, most of the time, they will change. And like it or not, sometimes the changes does not includes you. No matter what happened last time. Like they say, past is past.

Also learned that promises are made to be broken. No matter what someone says, do not put too much trust in it. This has happened not once, but many times from various people.

Besides the issue on my jie, there was another one about love too. Just recently i found out that last year because of some stupid action i did i ended up doing things that i have always been up against.

Playing with other people's feeling. Maybe what i did that time for me is just a small action, not worth to be noticed but what i did not expect is the effects left on the people that i decided to toy with.

What is the point? No matter how small an action seems to us at a particular time, it will have its lasting effects. Like the saying goes, we reap what we sow. What we do today will surely affect our future.

So think wisely next time before you decide on what yo do because sometimes, any amount of regret will not undo a mistaken action. Think before you act.

There are other things too that has an negatibe effect on me but that's not important anyway.

It made me wonder back about life.

Why are all these problems getting me sidelined and moody? What am i going to do to make things better?

Well, the answer is simple, i'm losing my focus in of what's important in life and my destination in life. I'm too caught up in the worldly things and forgotten about my focus.

After a moment of prayer today, finally i'm getting my life back on track. No matter what life has to throw on me, i'm taking it and i'm not afraid. Because i got a big GOD besides me.


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