Unconditonal, unreserved love

Unconditional Love, or unreserved love, what is the true meaning?

I heard about this phrase a few days ago during one of my church youth meeting a few days ago and i think that it is very revelant especially in such a world today, where there is so much hatred and wickedness.

The concept of unconditional love is quiet simple actually, it means loving someone even though you will not be loved in return, loving someone for who they are and loving someone although that person is your enemy.

Sounds easy?

Sure, but how many of us in the world that actually can practices unconditional love?

We often choose the person we want to love, the person we want to accept.

We tend to judge other people for being unworthy of our love, branding them as lower class persons and staying away from them. But have you ever stop to think that the feelings of those who are left in the sidelines? Have you ever think about the feelings of those who you deem as "disgusting, cheap, evil, bad etc" and choose to stay away from them? What are your feelings if you are left alone in this world, abandoned, unloved and uncared for?

We tend to curse our enemies, those that we hate so that they will face all kind of problems. Have you ever noticed that hatred, revenge will lead to only break ups, wars, suffering and unending feelings of hatred? Do you know the best way to solve problems is through forgiveness and aceeptance, love?

We always talk about love, loving our spouse, boyfriends/girlfriend, friends, family but do we know the true measure of love? What it really means?

I do now, for me, true love do not mean loving the people that i choose only. True love means loving everyone, no matter what or attitude that person is.

I agree that this is a hard thing to do, but if this can help change the world in a little bit it is worth it.

Jesus too, pratices unconditional love.Although he was persecuted, tortured, beaten and suffered greatly under the hand of his enemies, he did not choose to curse them, he did not seek revenge, he did not say
"Watch out, i will surely pay back when i come back!"
No he did not choose the path of hatred but instead forgiveness. Even in his final dying moments,
he said "Abba father, forgive them, for they do not know what are they doing."

Who in the world can do that?! And thats why i choose to idolize Him. Unconditional love, a lesson to be learned.

I recently found a song called Unreserved Love, which is in my blog. It is very touching. Hope you all will take the moment to listen to it. Below are the lyrics and do view my 2 video down there so you will understand the true extent of Jesus's suffering. Til then.

I've always been told love won't survive,
Promises will turn into lies,
The world just thinks love comes and passes through,
It never lasts pure and true.

But I still believe love can last,
It's your unfailing love that gives me rest,
You were there when I needed you most,
I'll never walk all alone.

On the cross you died and took away my curse,
Love so wondrous no one ever could deserve,
Your bleeding hands proved your love unreserved,
You're my greatest joy and treasure on the earth.

Make my life a fragrant offering I pray,
Help me Lord to serve you truly every day,
Through tears and joy I'll give you all my praise,
Let the whole world know your love and grace


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