Threatened?! Lets just see how things turn out

God is a funny fellow indeed.
When things seem to be going right at last, there is always something new awaiting you right just behind a corner.

And this new thingy came to me just recently this week, and hmm, its really something i never ever encountered before.

Well what's so new anyway?
Remember the PWF thingy, as i have said, it has gotten someone on the move to bring my dear ol' good name down. Rumours are spread, although i don't know what are them and it seems that more and more people are joining this anti Cher Hong movement.

Well that of course would have been nothing until recently, guess what? i've been confronted!
It came in a rather funny way, there i was after early morning Monday assembly, after my prefects duties when suddenly two form five guys approached me.

"Hey, you are Phang Cher Hong right?"
"Yeah, i am. Why?"
And there it goes, bla bla bla, those things a guy would usually say when you are trying to scare or threaten someone.

Well being the nerdie guy i am, it would have been suprising if i would say that i am not scared. Of course i am! Caught completely off guard and sad to say that i stumbled for a moment.
Besides that, this particular guy has nothing to do during band competition and toyed with a laser pointer trying to annoy me.
Man, people nowadays can go to ends just wanting to show you that they are greater than you and to make you scared. Too bad he did not accomplished what he want though, in fact i was amused on the fact this is what "students" like him do to scared people.

That is not all, today that guys who's name i shall not say pointed me to an indian guy and say,
"Nah budak inilah" after my prefect shoot today. What, is he trying to drag indian boys now to whack me up? And i thought this was a matter concerning only me and his gang. No doubt that rumours are being spread about me, followers recruited and battle plans laid for the ultimate showdown.
Like i say, "student" nowadays.

Well, worse come to worse, i 'll be bashed up and having the chance to skip school spending my time at the hospital. Amazing, isn't it?
Well all i can do now is just pray for the courage, wisdom and strength to face this all new problem.
On the same time, i also see it as a way to hone up my skills as a Christian.

On the other hand, i receiced a letter today offering a free scholarship for me to study computer in CICT.

Like i said, God likes to play games.
Just when i thought that form 6 is goin to be my life, another door popped open.

Well, i'm still thinking about it though but there is one sure benefit if i take the scholarship, and that is i would not have to worry of people bashing me up.
Unless if they are thinking about heading to KL to whack me up .


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