Must it end like this?

This post is especially dedicated to a person that i hold dear to my heart (for those of you who like to misunderstand, pls don't, it has ntg to do with my girlfriend cause i have none!). As i write this post, our relationship is hanging in the balance and sincerely, being the so called mature person who just know how to help others, i do not have the faintest idea of what should i do now to mend this already broken relationship.

Funny isn't it? That sometimes a relationship so deeply shared can just go away with a simple misunderstanding. Those so called changes.

The laugther shared together, the storms faced together, all forgotten with a simple change. Why?

I guess this is one of the simple rules of life, that friends come and go and true friends are very hard to be found. That a person could never stay the same and break ups and saying good byes are sometimes unavoidable. That no matter how much time and joy you shared together, all those would be forgotten. All those feeling, energy put into that relation, gone.

Sigh, guess i have a lot of climbing back up to do after this and life would never be the same again for me. Wasted, thats all i could say. Such a great relationship, til now.

No advice to be given in this posting, cause i'm the one who's feeling want to cry right now. SIgh, relation between humans are just so fragile... you'll never know when a fairytale would end.

Is it so hard to find just a true friend who really cares and understands?

Only God's love is unchanging, He's my strength when i'm weak, my comfort when i'm sad, the one who carry me through hard times, the one who protects me. The one who truly cares.

I really envy those of you who got someone who really cares for you in life, be it your friends or your loved ones.

Treasure them and never, never look down on their love and their care. When they are gone, how much amount of regret is no use.

People who really give a damn about you in this life are truly rare to come by, so thats why you must really treasure them and pour thme with all your love and caring like they do to you. Do not do something that you will regret next time.

As for me, what more could i say or do? Whats gone is gone. SIgh, i just can look back and just remember those times that we once shared. To my jie, sorry that our relation would have to become like this.

Maybe we just aren't the type who clicked and the best relation for us are just normal friends. But i truly treasure all those time that we share together, though it may seem not important to you, it is to me. And no matter what,you will always remain in my heart. Sorry and take care.


  1. wah....very good i know who is the true fren liao.....


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