I Am Standing Firm!

Maybe writing about everything that i feel on the blog is not a good idea after all.

Because of the previous few postings, now there are few anti Cher Hong movements around Ipoh, blasting and shooting me now. Ouch.

One thing is certain though, standing up for what you believe in can sometimes result in an unfavourable response, even a hostile one with knives and any weaponary a student can get hold of. Luckily this is not USA (remember Virginia tech?).

Well there are also other problems too besides the anti Cher Hong's blog movement. Sigh, next time i talk, i'll have to process it about 5 seconds before letting it out. But what i know now is there is a lot of apologizing for me to do concerning about the love problem last year in MC.

One thing i learned is that no matter how hard you try, you cannot possibly get the world world to agree with or like you. Except for the two faced fellows that for sure.

Too bad isn't it, sometimes there's no grey actions to choose, just only white or black and either one has its own disadvantages but no matter what, i choose to stand firm this time.

Before anything, i have to admit that i've made some mistakes. In my godsis's case and the love one. Being too sensitive and too caring about my godsis and being too much a jerk in the second one.

Being the old me, i would have choose to take down my blog post and hide without having to face the jeers and the stares of those who are against me.

But this time i'm standing firm. Everyone makes mistakes and i do too. So i'm letting the post stay up there.

And i want to clarify something about the PWF post. I know that many have disagree with what i wrote and some are also calling it offensive.
But i know what am i writing and to tell the truth, i do not think there's anything wrong with it. Yes some might feel offended 'cause what i have wrote may refer to you but in any case that i'm wrong, do tell me.

The reason i'm putting this on blog is that so you all can read it and comment about it. If there's anything wrong, i will gladly change it and apologize.

To think about it, where do all the robbers, gangsters and rapists come from. Those who do not know how to think.

Ok maybe not all PWF are like that, they have contributions too. Well, for example, if everyone becomes a doctor or lawyer, who are going to be the bus drivers, the janitors, the construction workers?


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