Why I Choose To Stay?

Lately I have been bombarded with questions of why the heck i did not apply for any scholarships for tertiary studies and choose to go for form six instead। Those who ask me this are also telling me that how stupid I am to waste my "excelent" SPM results and opt to waste another two years in form six too.

So now I guess I'll have to make it clear to you all, and if there is anyone else that ask me the same question, i'll show them this blog's URL so I don't have to waste so much time explaining again and again।

Firstly, why are people rushing to ask me to go for tertiary education in colleges or universities? (And that includes applying for scholarships)

Well, the answer is pretty simple actually।


Why? The faster I can finish my tertiary education, the faster i can come out to work and earn money। Besides, applying for scholarships FOR THE SUBJECTS I HATE can also save up a lot of money right? But too bad, it's the subject I hate.

So what is my reason of not choosing to further my education to colleges or universities?

It's quite simple also. I just want to enjoy the secondary school life for one last time बेफोरेब moving on to the next phase of life। Don't you notice that once you step out of secondary school, you can never return. And life beyond the secondary school is way different that what you have gone through all these years.

Take college for example, studying is way more difficult, more assignments and the studying time is way more longer। And maybe you'll be staying far away from home, unable to meet your friends for a long time.

Besides, i still cannot leave my church youth behind। There is still so much for me to do there before I leave. Our youth had just began to grow and I want to be there to support and help all the time.

Morever, there are still so many of my best buddies there and I would just like to spend more fun time with them before each of us choose our own path and take off

And there is the question of money। - What? Do you know how little you can earn by taking up that course? - For me, do not even try talking about money in front of me.

Yes, money is indeed important, but not as important as your friends, family and doing what you enjoy right? I do not pursue wealth, I just hope to have a simple life, enough to eat, enough to wear and tehn having a job that I like plus a happy family। That is all I want from life.

To me, money always come second, what is more important is not regretting the actions I have done and I can sincerely tell you, I am quite happy in "wasting" my two years time in Ipoh। Because i know I will be surrounded by friends, doing the things that I like.

I hope this pretty much sums up my answer to the questions of why I do not choose to go for any scholarships now. Til then, see ya^^


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