Whatever battle that rages withing us, we have a choice..

"Whatever battle that rages within us, we still have the power to make the right decisions in life. And is those decisions that will affect our lives the way it is."

That was the ending message of Spiderman 3 movie, or at least is something like that, I think. But that doesn't matter anyway, because I think this mesagge is really a great one.

Some people might wonder why so many of us like Spiderman, well the answer is simple, because Spiderman's life closely resemble our life. He same like most of us, facing everyday problems like securing a job, paying the rent and having to cope with a girlfriend in life and yet have to carry the resposibilities of protecting New York and facing the psychotic villians.

How many of us can really do what he does?

I'm sure most of us are like Spiderman. We have tons of problems to face everyday. Be it a small one like tripping and falling down, to big ones like death of a loved one, we can never escape from facing trials in our life.

But no matter what storms that come to us in life, we have to choice, a choice that will change the trials we are facing into something positive or into something destructive that will bring nothing good except hurt and tears to others.

In the movie, Spidey choosed revenge over forgiveness to those who have caused him a great deal of suffering before. In the end, he not only risked losing his life, his best pal got killed trying to save him from his enemies.

But regrets are regrets, no matter how much tears you spill, how much sorrow you undergo, once you have made a decision, it's really hard or even impossible to undo it.

The same goes for Spidey, he regretted the actions that he took very much, but nothing in the world could bring his friend back and heal the hurt he have caused to the girl he loved so much.

"Whatever battle that rages within us.."

Yes, humans do face a lot of battles everyday. Battles that tires us out, that make us really want to give up on living, battles that shatters out heart.

But the truth is, this doesn't give us a reason to make the wrong choices, to unleash the anger and frustration in our heart. To vent it all out on those whom we love and eventually causing hurt to both them and us.

If we would have done this, it means that we have already lost the battle it our heart.

True victory means rising up from the ashes, standing firm in spite of the storm that are trying to bring us down, not giving in to the feelings of frustration and hatred in our heart but instead rising up and practicing forgiveness.

Like Sandman said in the closing of the movie, nobody in this world wants to be caught up in trouble or to be faced with trials, but it is these trials that shape us into who we are, it is these trials that teach us the lessons about living and to make us better humans, if we make the right choice.

What am I trying to say?


Everyone faces problems, trials, but the thing that set severyone apart are the choices we make, the path we take to solve the problems that we are facing, which people that will rise up to the occassion. Whether that we can turn problems into a light or to darkness for ourselves and others.

Remember, no matter what battles that we have to fight, we always have a choice. And the choice is not in other people's hand, but in ours. All we need is to be strong, oh and do not forget to rely on God for strength and comfort.


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