PWF (People Without Future)

"PERSON WITHOUT FUTURE (PWF)", that's a new term me and my friends invented during a normal walk out during parade. So what does this term mean anyway?

Well in other words, PWF is the equal to sluts, bitches, jerks, bastards etc in a more politeful, civilised language and more straight forward to the point.

So, what is definition of PWF in a more understandable manner? Well, it is used to refer to teenagers generally because hey, who cares of the future of an 80 year old man? PWF basically means someone

1. who do not have a future,

2. who maybe in 20 years time regret all the actions he/she did when he/she was young and why he/she did not treasure all the time he/she had last time

3. who wasted their teenagers time doing things that are not productive and even worse bring harm to others and themselves like smoking, joining gangs

4. basically, someone who sight are only focused on today, without the slightest care of what they can give to others from their life and do not realise that how blessed they are, living without a meaning like no headed chicken

How to you identify a PWF? It's pretty simple actually. Just take a walk around a shopping mall nowadays and mostly the teenagers that you see can be categorised into this category.

The basic characteristics of PWF are those who think that there is no use going to school, that having fun is better than having a meaningful life, who likes to create attention for themselves, who are nothing but nuisance and those who lives life quite wastefully for the rest of their lifes. Those who are considered to be "cool" doing stuff like smoking, wasting time, joining gangs, dating etc.

Some of you might now start wondering, am i against this kind of people? No, of course I am not against it. Its just that people have different views and from my point of view, those who fall into the PWF category are wasting their life.

Why? An example, a kind hearted man gives a kid a toy to play but not only the kid does not appreciate it, he spoils it. The same applies for us. God gave us each a special life, with goods and bads of course, for a reason but we not only do not treasure this life but instead we use it to create all kinds of problems and wasting all the talents bestowed upon us.

Why? I just cannot understand sometimes. I cannot understand why some people would just cannot see this through their eyes. They may think that they are having a time of their life now, doing what they want, getting attention, being admired and thinking that this will stay forever.

WAKE UP and think. What's the point of doing all the activities that will bring you harm and no good in the future?

Yeah maybe you will be popular, aceepted and deemed cool, but at what cost?

A life without money, depending on your parents the whole life?

Or a life as a construction worker? Whose life at morning is just work and night is spent at pubs, coffee shops and the whole family is a mess?

Or a life without certanities and purpose? You do not know what are you living for and where are you going in life. Like a no headed chicken?

Spend some time and really think for yourself. If studying at school is really that useless, wouldn't they have abolished it a long time ago?

And why are those people who are knowledgeable like Albert Einstein are remembered for a long time and not those "cool" people like gangsters, celebrities?

Wouldn't you want to change the world? To do something good and not simply WASTE your life?
Notice that that i always used the word waste here. Think for yourself the reason i use the word.

Compare and see. Which of this is the true meaning of living to the fullest?

A life concerened of fun only and mainly about yourself. That your motto is enjoy everything while you can before you die and your biggest contribution in life is nothing more than maybe, cracking a few stupid jokes that make people laugh. A life that people will remember and say , "What a waste.."? So called PWFs?

Or a life dedicated to helping others? To maximise the blessings in your life for example wisdom to make this world a better place? A life that although simple, you have no regrets because you have not done anything bad and you lived as a HUMAN BEING with heart and brains. That when you die, you'll be remembered as someone who did not wasted his life doing stupid things but giving it your best for God, world, country or your loved ones.

Which one do you want?


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