Grateful for what I have

Humans are greedy. We would never get satisfied with the things in our life and we would often want more from it. Besides that, we also like compare with other people and end up getting jealous if their belongings are better than us.

But how often would we be thankful for what we have in our life? Most of the time, we overlooked the small blessings in our life while we are busy gumbling and complaining.

The same goes for me. I used to wonder why my life sucks so much compared to those of my friends.
I mean, like they can go out late at night, can have up to date handphones, have wealthy parents and all sorts of things that I could only dream of.

But i did not realise that everything in my life is there for a reason. My parents, my school, my friends and the enviroment of my life.

All these helped shaped me into what i am today. If any of these were different, who know's what kind of Luke Phang Cher Hong you would know today.

I agree that many aspects of life are not perfect, but I am ever grateful because I am not born into a war-torn area or into a broken family. Everything I have is just enough for me. At least I know that all of my needs are fulfilled.

Besides that, I also learned to look at things from a bright side. Having a positive attitude in life can really help you face questions and trials in your life.

Yes, although I cannot hang out as much as my friends can, I know that the curfew imposed for me are for my own good. Too much freedom can cause someone to stray but too little can make someone rebel. What my father did is truly smart and i respect him for it.

So although sometimes my life can look not as good compared to others, I understand that there are others with condition worse than me and I understand that everything is here for a reason.

So next time anyone wants to complain, take a deep breath and admire what you have in life. Mybe your loving parents, ever supportive friends or even just the sunshines that you get to see everyday. you'll never know when will be the last time you can see it.


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