trials in our life..

Today i realised something very important in life as i look through hte XXX session in today's Star Youth newspaper, which is a counselling sort of thing for teenagers.

You got problems, you write there and they'll give you advice.

As i read the two letters in the newspaper, i realised that no matter how hard humans try in life, there will be still problems in life. There will always be trials for us to undergo, storm for us to brave.

Don't you ever realised it? No matter where we go, what we do, when we live, we will always be plagued with numerous problems. Problems that at times seemed so hard to face, so hard to solved.

As i read those letters, my heart kept wondering, WHY?

No one in this world would like to be faced with trials right? Especially those which break one's heart and tear it into pieces. For example, families breaking up, spouses cheating, workplace problems, death of a loved one, among the few examples.

But, have you all wondered, that problems in life can be divided into two categories?

Not all trials in our life are decided by fate. Some are the cause of our actions. Well for example, problems like we failing our exams or getting hitched with a jerk as bf/gf. Aren't those the consequences of our actions?
Who's fault are that? Certainly we cannot blame fate right?

So what am i trying to say?

Well, there's many thing i can say from this, and one of them is that we've got to be smart in life. Yes you may say that everyone makes mistake in life but certainly we can take some precaution if we know that there is some hidden dangers in certain situations.

And even if we commit a mistake, we must know that not everyone is perfect. What's important is learning from it. Sure, you may regret or mourn of you mistakes, but it's just for a short time and you've got to move on after that, and make sure you do not repeat that particular mistake. Besides that, you must also learn to take the neccessary suitable moves to solve the things that you have done.

Well, for those problems that are decided by fate, the smae things applies, face it with a tough heart and move on after a certain period of mourning.

Bear in mind that there will always be trials in our life, what's important is how do we face it. A situation can be turned into good or bad depending on the choices you make and your attitude in facing those problems.

As for me, not matter what kind of problems i'm facing, there's one thing i'm ever thankful for in this world. And that is being a Christian.

Some of you might say, NOT AGAIN....

i may have said this many times, but as i grow up, more and more i realised that without Jesus by my side, i will not become what i am today.

When i'm faced with countless problems, some that do not seem to make sense, some that seem to much for me to handle, i know that there's someone for me always, someone whom i can always trust, someone that will guide and lead me no matter what, someone that trulys love me.

This is what keeps me going in life, because i know that He is there always for me. And this is why i chose to be a Christian. Which other religion portrays God as a loving one?


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