A Simple Question, but can u answer it?

Before i start writing my blog i'm going to ask you, yes, you, a simple question. A question that although it is simple, it is one of the most important question in life and yet few manage to answer it.
Here goes my question,

Can you tell me sincerely that what or who are you living for in this life?

Now think about it carefully before you come out with an answer. Since the day that you have been born, lets say for example 17 years, what have you been living this 17 years for?

A few other questions for you to ponder, which have quite the same meaning with the first one.
Why on earth are you here for? What is your ultimate destination in life? What is your purpose of living?

For those without answer, inclusive of those who answered "dunno", well, i suggest that you take time to think about all these questions. Why?

Well, its darn pretty simple, the answers to all these questions are the factors that drives your life, which kind of path you will embark on your life's journey.

By not being able to answer these questions mean one thing, you're pretty clueless about your life. You have no goals in life, just living for today with no purposes for living, like a no headed chicken, banging here and there without knowing where are you going.

Ask yourself, is this kind of life worth living? Your main focus on life is today, and you sincerely do not know where are you heading in life. On my opinion, this kind of life is a pretty worthless and wasted one.

So, to all of you who are not able to give good answer to these questions, give a good thought about it. Having a purpose driven life helps you to keep focus, to know your priorities.

You know what you want in life, what you hope to achieve and with a goal in mind, you'll be able to see where you're heading and no matter what obstacles, you will not give up easily because you know your priorities.

For those who already have an answer, good. But here's another question, is the reason you are living for truly worth it?

Some might say you're living for money, some say your loved ones, some say popularity and some say just to enjoy.
Here's another thought, most of the reasons i mention just now are temporary enjoyments of life. It will not truly buy you happiness or it would not be there forever, eternal.

What the heck am i trying to say actually? Well, find a purpose, a reason for you to keep living. Know what you are living for. And when you got an answer, make sure that what are you living for if worth while, not temporary, not mere illusions in this life. Something that will not last you forever counting life after death, but this is in the next blog post.

As for me, i'm living for Christ. Yeah, the boring religious thing again. But at least living for a religious reason gives you a sense of purpose and not just a worldly one, but rather an eternal one.

Something that makes you think that life is worth living all the way after death. Concerning about matters after death and my purpose of living, please wait for my next blog posting. I'm too sleepy now to continue. Chiao^^


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