Have u ever stop to think about the future?

Sometimes, i just cannot understand how others view this life. How they fail to step back and see the whole picture of this life.

And sometimes, i just get fed up of their simple and unmature thinking.
They act cool and mature, as if they know everything but in fact, their knowledge is can be compared to a monkey's.

Many live their life according to the proverb that asks you to enjoy life everyday and live like there's no tommorow. Their main concern are only today, to have fun and enjoy themselves with not a single worry with the future.

On my opinion, this kind of thinking is childish. Everything you do today have a direct effect on your future.
Take for example, a friend of mine who say she's having BGR for fun, sleeping around and sticking for losers. I can expect what her life would be in the future if she do not change. A life without security and meaning, no peace and joy. Probably she will be visiting psychologist for help too.

Sure, you can argue that we may die at anytime and thats why we must have as much fun as we could when we are living. Besides, it's the proverb that says so. Who is to fight with a proverb?

But first, some thoughts to ponder. If you can die so easily, then i guess human's lifespan is very short indeed. Besides do you want to die so much? And what if you do not succeed dying? Then what?

Furthermore, there's another proverb to counter this, which is Save For A Rainy Day. Which one you want to follow?

I'm not saying that our life does not need fun or relaxation. I am just saying that do not let fun and self satisfaction become the focus of your life. Always think about the future. Where are you heading? What are you planning to achieve?

Every action that you choose to do today will have a direct consequence in your future.
If you start taking drugs, maybe in the future your life would be a chaos, with drugs as your sole purpose of life. Wouldn't that be a waste?

Or lets say you choose a loser as a partner in marriage. Yeah sure, maybe during the courtship days he may look pretty good but if you did not have enough time to fully understand him, you'll be stuck with a jerk for the rest of your life. A jerk that maybe do not respect you, goes out to find hookers and does not care about the family. There're many cases like these nowadays. And you have the guts to blames guys wholely.
Yeah maybe you can go for a divorce, but according to scientific studies, divorce has a bad effect on your children. That's another story of course, but if you wanna know, can always ask me.

There are countless more examples that i can give you but i guess you can roughly catch the point now.Life is not as simple as you think. Although fun may also be needed, DO NOT FORGET ABOUT THE FUTURE OF YOUR LIFE, THE PATH AND MEANING OF YOUR LIFE AND THE QUESTION ABOUT AFTER DEATH.

Well about the question about after death, that is also another topic but i would like to just touch about it. Have you ever wanted to live forever, not wanting to die, well, the good news is. There is eternal life and that is why humans are programmed to have this kind of thinking.

That eternal life is where we are headed, the reason why we are on this world and the meaning of our life. Everything is temporary in this world. When we die, everything will be gone. But lets just leave for now k? So i guess that's it for now.. got anything, feel free to ask^^


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