How i celebrated Valentines..

Before you start reading, do not expect any hand holding, presents giving and all those "romantic" gestures in this blog posting because like I have said maybe a million times, I am still single. But hey, being single does not mean you cannot celebrate Valentines right? In fact, I could say that this year's Valentines was one of the most amusing I ever seen.

At first, I planned to celebrate with a few girls from AMC but as fate had it, it did not work out and well, I end up doing pretty silly stuffs on this particular day.

At first, I went to Parade (a shopping mall) to meet Jonathan but I end up stumbling upon a few of my friends and then got hoisted up to a taxi. The amusing thing is that they planned to take this taxi go back to Tasek (where we all lives) to fetch a friend and then head back to Yik Fong (another shopping mall). So i ended up wasting my time and by the time i reached back parade, Jonathan was long gone (sorry man!).

So what could a single guy do? I walked back to Yik Fong and do what most guys do. Go to a cyber cafe. In there I met good ol' Terry Chua and and this two crazy guys ended up celebrating Valentines together. On my opinion, people would have easily mistaken us for gay partners this day.

Besides that, I oso met my godsis who went for tuition at Steven's. Well at least God answered my prayers and I got the chance to experience walking alone with a girl on Valentines. Too bad there were no hand holding or anything but heck, what do I care.

After this, I walked back to Parade to find my two lovely friends who hoisted me up the taxi as they wanted me to wait for them.

Wow, the sight at parade really was a funny one. I did not know what got into me but I walked around Parade ALONE on Valetines day waiting for my two really "smart" friends. Kinda stupid, aren't I?

Well, I may look stupid but while walking alone looking at all those couples with ridicul\lously expensive gifts and look at each other in those puppy eye, you can experience a strange feeling inside you. Well for me, I can smile, sigh and even be sad at the same time. Maybe all the amused, lonely etc. etc. feelings all came out together. A very brand new experience for me indeed.

During the night, I went out with Daniel, Stella, Jimmy, Eric and John to celebrate what we called the singles night together. We went to pizza and had really much fun there. I maghine walking into a restaurant fulled with couples except your group. Those stares you receive are undescribable. We also bullied a very bad manners waiter there and joked about the silly actions of couples there.

Then we head over to Jusco and met Peter who was working there. I also met my friend CCM there. The guy who told me that he had not planned to work and rot at home.

Basically I had a lot of fun celebrating Valentines yesterday, not with my dear or honey poo or muffin cake but with friends that I love. Well, there's still a lot of chances for me to celebrate Valentines as I'm still young but celebrating with friends is something that I cannot do sooner or later as each and everyone of us will someday have a partner in love.

That's all from me now, see ya!


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