Why am i a Christian freak?

Some people will ask me. Heck, being a Christian freak is much better than being a money freak or a fame freak or other types of freaks to be found.



I believe that everyone of us lives for various reasons. Some live for money, others for fame and a few for fun or maybe self-satisfaction. Not to mention those who live around aimlessly.


However, i find that living the way of the world does not suit me. Don't you feel that life's pretty pointless if you live for money for example? Like they all say, when you die, you die, nothing that belongs to you on the earth will follow you. Not your money, not your fame, not your family, nothing.

So what's the point of working so hard to get something that you will eventually lose when you die?


Some of you might agree with me. You would also go on and say that not working and living life to the fullest by enjoying yourself is the way of life. For example, partying everyday, clubbing or maybe hanging around aimlessly. What's the pouint of working when nothing lasts, right? It's better to enjoy your life by doing what you like. Wrong too.

In my opinion, i think that the kind of life i mention above is way much worse than being a money freak or family freak. People who live that type of life have no future. Yes, maybe the fact that you come from a wealthy family means you can do what you want and like but think deeply, do you expect to rely on your parents forever? And is really living for the sake of enjoying yourself fulfilling? Self satisfaction is also temporary. It cannot keep you happy 24/7 nor it can give you the true sense of peace, love and belonging.


So, why are we living then if life has no meaning at all? If i say that money, fame, family, self satisfaction are all temporary, then might as well we all commit suicide since living has no meaning. Wrong again.

There's still 1 more reason to live for and that is through God. We are mere human beings, objects of creation and true sense of belonging and peace can only be found in God. And that is why i choose to be a Christian freak. It is because it can offer what money, fame, sex and other worldly things cannot offer.

Question answered


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