What happens when a church got robbed by 5 knife wielding guys? Pretty unbelievable right? Well, that is what happened yesterday during a song practice yesterday at my church.

The story goes like this....

It was 11 something that night and there were 7 people practicing songs when suddenly a guy with a motorbike helmet came in through the door holding a knife.

"Apa mahu nyanyi lagi?" he said and soon after that 4 other guys who were also holding knives came in and quickly kick 2 of my friends, Michael and David, to the floor while holding the knife to their neck.

Another guy held a knife towards the 3 girls while 2 others searched for our belongings.
This is basically the story. 7 handphones and over 200 dollars were stolen. Not to mention the ICs and licenses.

Incidents like this normally make us wonder why God would want such bad things to happen on us sometimes. We would make assumptions that we may did something wrong and God wanted to punish us or that sort of things.

However, no matter what happens to us, the most important thing is to remain faithful and obedient. Even if it's death of a loved one or other things that would pierce your heart, the best thing to do is to pick up yourself and continue your journey.

A period of mourning is okay but staying at a point, regretting, mourning and not doing anything is not going to change the fact that the bad thing had taken place. No matter how much tear you shed, how sorry you are, nothing is going to change.

So what's the best thing to do when you're faced with a big letdown?

Move on! Continue on your journey with a happy heart. Mourn and move on. Nothing is gonna change if you stay at 1 point. If you really feel regret and sorry, then live on your life with a more positive attitude. Look at things with a positive heart and be happy!

Put your sadness into God's hand and let him take care of it and continue on your path.

Anyway that's all I can say here. Luckily those 5 Malay guys are not "ham sup" guys. If not who know's what will happen to the 3 girls. I'm sure this incident will cause a big stir. Who knows what will be next?

If a church is also not safe, no where can be considered safe anymore. maybe we should carry a big steel pole where ever we go as a precaution.

Til then, Happy New Year!


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